Saturday, December 10, 2005

White Flag Democrats

Watch this

Our country is at war.

Our soldiers are watching.

The enemy is watching.

So stop waving the white flag!

[Hat tip to Babalu Blog for the video clip]


Anonymous said...

We need more Democrats like Lieberman.

Esther said...

Lieberman rules.

cube, you are so right. The white flag behavior must be stopped. They are costing us all way too much.

Jamie Dawn said...

The surrender mentality must be so demoralizing for our troops. I wish more Dems had as much sense as Lieberman. At least he knows that country should always come before party.

cube said...

As far as how I feel about this issue, I'm actually holding back. This is outrageous to me. I can't believe people aren't screaming about it to their legislators. Throw out the bums who think this way!

Darrell said...

Lieberman is the only dem with any sense left. I guess that makes him their black sheep.

Esther said...

LOL Darrell.

cube said...

Apparently, Lieberman is not very popular with his Democratic colleagues right now. They are giving him the Zell Miller treatment.