Friday, September 12, 2008

Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday...

... a rude cat who will look down it's nose at you and ask condescending questions while misrepresenting your quotes.

Happy Friday, everybody!


Anonymous said...

Now I am sad because a beautiful cat such, the one in the picture, will be badly and unjustly maligned by association with a rabid, assassin, biased, faux journalist because it is wearing spectacles. But I will not name names as to who I refer. GIBSON! Opps! Sorry, it just slipped out.

I hope that kitty is not aware as it could possibly cause it to hurl a hairball.


Brooke said...

Don't most cats do that, anyway? ;)

cube said...

BW: You are so right. I have maligned an innocent cat.

I should've posted a picture of Gibson's face while Palin answered the Bush doctrine question in my fantasy scenario:

"Charlie, that depends on what an angry, hubris-filled, condescending, Obama-butt-sniffing liberal like yourself means when you say 'The Bush Doctrine'."

cube said...

brook: lol! Yes, everything but the asking condescending questions while misrepresenting your quotes part.

Shover Robot said...

Happy Cat Friday!

Anonymous said...

Which Bush doctrine Charlie you asshat?

Holy crap Cube is this all they have?

Landslide baby, it's going to be a landslide!!! It looks good to take back the house and senate as well.

Please democrats keep talking, insulting, demonizing and rumour mongering and all the other tactics you are engaging in so "effectively." We believe in free speech. So, keep at it.

Big strong Charlie Gibson kicked ass last night!!! Not.

He was a fool twice over. First, in the presence of a lady one is polite and courteous not pedantic and aloof.

Second,when proferring a cliche masquerading as a question, one should not be surprised when the respondent seeks clarification.

Which Bush doctrine ass face? Post innauguration '00'? Post 9/11? pre Iraq invasion? or post innauguration '04'?

And did you notice she answered the question once grandma Gibson specified which BDS (Bush Derangement Syn... oh you know) rumor he meant by the "question."

Jesus, these libtards are all over the road now. It is hysterical.

No bama '08' or any other year for that matter!

Oh no, did I just question his patriotism? Was this post racist?

Why we aren't spitting beverages every time Obama talks or his lackeys carry his lame excuse for a campaign is a testament to our good manners!


cube said...

shover: ditto

QQ: I wish you wouldn't hold back. Don't be afraid to tell us what you really think ;-)

Goodness, you're on fire today!

I agree with most of what you wrote. I don't know about a landslide though - there are a lot of libtards out there - but I do predict a GOP win in November that will be hotly contested.

And if people though Bush Derangement Syndrome was bad, just wait until NOPE settles in... No Obama Presidency Ever. The moonbats will become more unhinged than ever before.

cube said...

QQ: Krauthammer slam dunks Gibson RE: the Bush doctrine in the following...

Charlie Gibson's gaffe

Jan said...

My first thought reading this post was that it sounds like a network anchor except cats have more pride. Good characterization.

Always On Watch said...

The kitty does look scholarly, though.

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