Monday, September 29, 2008

To Wear Or Not To Wear

Bracelet Wars

Let me get this straight, first a fallen soldier's mother asks Obama to wear her son's name on a hero bracelet.

Then she asks the Obama campaign to stop using her son's name on the stump and asks that Obama not wear the bracelet anymore at any of his public appearances.

Now she says she is "ecstatic" that Obama mentioned her son's hero bracelet during Friday's debate.


That's Obama voter logic for you.


Laurie said...

Umm, okay she definitely sounds more than a little confused. lol

cube said...

It's pretzel logic. No sense at all.

cube said...

There was an Obama spokesman on FOX this morning who got into a heated argument over this very case. He accused FOX of making up facts.

I wish they had brought up the fact that BHO was so touched by this gesture that he failed to remember the name of the fallen soldier & had to hem and haw until he read it.

Is your son happy with your vote, Mom?

birdwoman said...

logic? I do not think that means what you think it means.


cube said...

bw: Why don't you tell me what you think it means & we'll discuss.

Me, I was being gracious by calling it "logic" because logic has nothing to do with this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Obama's nice campaign advisors and aids had a chat with Mom and she decided she was ecstatic.

It's for the greater good, after all.

pbbth. Obama's a selfish jerk. The father made it clear that he didn't want the bracelet worn, that should have been the end of it.


Leslie Johnson said...

It could be worse. He could be wearing a "What Would Muhammad Do" bracelet.

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