Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Weekly Bias

US Weekly stepped into a political mine field with their cover story about GOP VP pick, Sarah Palin...

Babies, Lies, & Scandal

By this morning, I saw 2,440 comments calling for everything from cancellation of their subscriptions to boycott of stores that sell the trashy tabloid.

I hope that Sarah Palin shrugs off these unfair attacks and rises up to the occasion and gives the speech of her life tonight.

Go Sarah!


Brooke said...

The owner of US Ragazine also owns Rolling Stone Rag, and is a maxed-out Obama donor.

No bias at all, eh?

Unknown said...

Well, if the mags don't take aim, the blogs and the net will. It is sad that people are so swayed by things that should not be issues. Our country has some serious problems and no matter who moves into the White House,the task will be daunting.

Jan said...

Just when you think the American media can go no lower with slease...

cube said...

brooke: They are so deranged they're not even trying to hide their bias anymore.

jill: It's not so bad. I've been quite energized by the political landscape this last week.

jan: I'm not surprised by the actions of the MSM anymore. They are desperate & will stop at nothing.

cube said...

BTW I just checked the article & there are now 5105 comments. I didn't read them all, but most seem to be running in favor of Sarah Palin.

EDGE said...

Bet she hits a homer tonight...maybe 2!

Chuck said...

Cube, I just checked, they've gone up 100+ in an hour. I espeially like how they're posting the magazine's phone number. How much you wanna bet the line has been closed down due to traffic.

Anonymous said...

It has long been held, Thomas Jefferson being one of its greatest proponents, that in and for the cause a freedom and liberty, a free press is essential.

I believe, if Jefferson and Franklin, amongst others, were alive today, observing what the MSM does today in not reporting the facts but shaping public opinion and the course of the countries policies through falsification and innuendo, that they would feel utterly betrayed.

Perhaps a free press is the best defender of freedom, but clearly, today, it is also freedom's greatest enemy. The MSM press of today and its so called journalists, fail miserably their responsibility to report truth and give a fair and honest hearing and platform to the sharing of ideas. They fail to truly fulfill the role they were intended to on behalf of America and ALL Americans.


Anonymous said...

Cube in resonse to BW,

This is no free press. The exclusion of free thought begins in J-schools throughout the west. Thus anyone who does not conform to the hard left curriculum (which is about as easy as the political science major Obobo couldn't manage to make B's in)doesn't graduate.

The traditional media outlets; T.V. newspapers and magazines and to a lesser extent (thank God) Radio, hire people with journalism degrees. Thus the common mindset.

As in sovietized countries, if you don't agree with the bosses you must be insane or stupid. The MSM views us, we cynical many, as just stupid, insane, dangerous.

There is no free press but here in the ethereal last vestige of free expression. We are not safe with a corrupt and utterly biased leftwing majority in the media.They are not providing us with the service with which they are tasked. Like organized teachers they are failing us and then rather than correct themselves they seek further insulation from the effects of their corruption ad incomptence by forcing muzzles on their critics (fairness doctrine anyone?).

And by denying job opportunities to qualified writers, reporters, editors, etc., of opposing political persuasion (due to intellectual or mental deficiency), they perpetuate the danger of unaccountable government to the populace they allegedly serve.

They Democrats and the MSM are the real threat to our freedom. You've seen how they help Al Queda and encourage the jihadists. This is no accident. They mean to subjigate us.

Obama = Fail


cube said...

edge: I'd settle for 1 homer... no pressure, Sarah ;-)

chuck: I checked it this morning & the comment function seems to be non-functioning :-)

bw: I agree. The lack of impartiality in the "journalists" of our day is a dangerous situation because a free press is vital to our country.

BeckEye said...

People who get upset when a magazine story doesn't fall in line with their opinions probably shouldn't have subscriptions to magazines. Some of those comments on that site are a little book-burny for my taste.

I don't follow politics because it's rare that I've ever found one politician on either side who I like or respect. But I have been paying attention lately, because this is an important election and I still don't know which of the two evils I'll go with. (I'm an Indpendent.)

As far as Palin, she sure can give a speech, but maybe she should've saved all the best words for when she had "the talk" with her daughter, if she ever did. Sorry, but I can't not laugh at the irony and hypocrisy of someone who opposes sex education ending up with a pregnant daughter. Republicans want to say that it's irrelevant, but I think it's very relevant. Of course, even girls who have had sex ed and have been careful can slip up, so that's not really the issue. I just don't see how someone can talk about having such strong, conservative family values when they've got a pregnant teenager who seems to be getting forced into a marriage with her high school f-buddy, er, sweetheart.

Anonymous said...


With the typical retort "hypocrisy" you do realize the paltriness of your position, yes?

Your predicate is that because she, Gov. Palin, is a Christian she, laughably, had no converstaions with her daughter?

Where you ever 17? Have any children?

So the correct position one must maintain on any issue dear to the left is support, advocacy, endorsement, apparrently.

Thus one can not be accused of the gravest of all sins-Hypocrisy!

Please, think. The superior position is that the child live. Not be aborted. The gutless position (yours?) is to conflate killing a baby out of the lazy inclination to equate convenience to a civil right. The bold (MINE!)position is to encourage the young parents to do the right thing.

One's predisposition to believe that marriage and birth condemns the baby to a life of misery is prejudicial and generally supportive of the lazy who only think of themselves and then try to drag those who exceed their own capabilities back down to their own level.

I don't know you and can't honestly criticize your motives. But the book burny line is further indication of the kind of intelectual laziness and institutional coercion that serves to bar those who's opinions, based on impirical evidence, would be heard by those who are effectively disenfranchised by the corrupt media. Dominated by the MSM, Academia and the "nice voice" people like Barbara Boxer, Obobo, and possibly yourself, the majority of our citizens seek an honest menu of opinion and fact.

Criticism of those trying to limit speech through so called "fairness doctrines" in order to force gay marriage, gun confiscation, mandatory political indoctrination of preschoolers and global warming "measures", among others, on an intimidated populace is not book burning. It is patriotism.

Sorry you don't know that.

Sempre Fi


cube said...

beckeye: I don't know how many
talks Palin had with her daughter because I'm not privy to the details.

As the mother of 2 teenage girls, and remembering when I was 17 myself, I know there are times when all the talk in the world wouldn't be able to sway a heartfelt, albeit poorly thought- out, decision.

As far as the girl being forced to marry this boy, did you see the ring on her finger? I may be wrong, but it didn't look to me like these kids were being coerced into marriage.

Don't get me wrong, I wish Bristol had kept her chromosomes to herself for at least a few years, but done is done. It doesn't help the family deal with the matter when magazine covers play fast & loose with the facts.

The marketplace will decide the fate of such magazines. I, for one, never read tabloid trash anyway so it doesn't impact me.

BeckEye said...


Oh jeez. I had to read your whole comment in a New England "Buffy" sort of accent. I had to amuse myself so the stench of your self-importance wouldn't make me sick.

Just to clarify, I find most politicians ON BOTH SIDES guilty of hypocrisy. They're all putting on a front for the public, they're all doing a JOB, and they're all more concerned with their own glory than the "greater good." I'm not stating this as a fact; it's just what I see and what I believe. Hypocrisy is one of the many reasons that I don't closely follow politics. I can't stand all the mudslinging back and forth, each side pointing the finger at the other, each claiming to be more superior in some way to the other, when really, none of them are above reproach. None of them are without skeletons in their closets.

To clarify one more time, I'm not a liberal and I'm not a Democrat. I'm an Independent, so I don't have any allegiance to "issues dear to the left." I don't think with the mind of a party. I just use my own, deciding on the issues as they come.

I never said a word about Palin's religious beliefs or the issue of abortion. But I love how you just assumed all of these things about me (Godless, lazy, intellectually underdeveloped, baby-killing...did I miss any?) and then said "I don't know you and honestly can't criticize your motives." Precious. Just for the record, I, like Ms. Palin, am Christian. But I am also pro-choice. That's not the same as pro-abortion. I would NEVER have an abortion. But I also don't feel comfortable telling other people what to believe, what is "right," and what they should do with their bodies. You can keep patting yourself on the back for being bold. I'll just live my own life.

As far as the "book burny" comment, I am about 90% certain I actually saw a comment from someone on there suggesting that all the issues of the magazine be burned. I found that a bit extreme. I looked through the comments again and can't find it, so either I misread something or it got buried or deleted. So, most of the comments were about boycotting and harassing the magazine and its sponsors. I just think it's so whiny for all of these people to say that they're going to boycott all the advertisers, etc. when a story doesn't fall in line with their opinions.

And really, why is ANYONE looking for professionalism, propriety, and morality in US Weekly??? Chances are, anyone reading that rag ENJOYS sensational stories that lambast public figures. I wonder if the article had been a rip about Bubba and his wang or John Edwards' illegitimate child, if all of these outraged consumers would have cared? Probably not, but they would've just been replaced with a bunch of whiny liberals and I'd still be annoyed.


These kids may not be getting "forced" into marriage, but I really doubt that it's either one's first choice. I can't help but think that if they weren't in the spotlight right now that they wouldn't be rushing to the altar. And yeah, it's a nice ring, but why shouldn't it be? These aren't poor country kids!

I had just read about Levi's Facebook profile, with him saying that he didn't want kids and all of his "I'll f*** you up 'cause I'm a redneck, yeee-haw" talk, and he didn't quite strike me as a boy who's ready to become a family man just yet. But that's just my opinion.

Your last comment is right on. If you don't like that kind of "journalism," then don't read those kinds of "magazines."

But....I appreciate you reading my blog when I'm pretty full of shit when it comes to reporting the "facts." :)

Anonymous said...


Good to hear from you.

Yes my positions can infuriate some. Basically I too would appreciate less bullshit. Lets start by calling abortion and Euthanasia killing. That is what it is of course but it is inconvenient for several agendas as the word killing alters momentum for several movements that abortion and unplugging grandma deem necessary.

The lazy and stupid won't use birth control and Grannies estate has all that dough!!!

"Let's unplug her to preserve her dignity!!!"

I would have a lot more respect for those who say they want to kill their baby or dieing parent for the lifestyle enhancement. I'd also want to kill them for admitting it so I am clearly conflicted!

Self important is an apt description. I feel there is a whole lot of people who need to die. Just not helpless babies and sick people!

The diametric opposition of those I freely call traitors and criminals to a society that the majority of us would call civil leaves little room for subtle distinction or platitudinous utterances like "they all are crooks.

Note: I did see you say most not all.

Anyway, it is a big world with complications and permutations that exceed the meandering thinking of those who would manipulate the masses for nefarious agendas.

The MSM is in decline, hence the desperate flailing and the savaging of a 17 year old girl while ignoring a scumbag lawyer who until two weeks ago was the logical choice for the Communist party V.P.

Chirp, Chirp , chirp...

As to independent...Lead, follow or get out of the way.


cube said...

beckeye: Pop culture gossip doesn't interest me as much as your take on the subject. Your sometimes graphic, but always
witty insight, your "beckisms" if you will, are what I go to read.
Where else are you going to go for firecrotch? ;-)

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