Sunday, September 07, 2008

Red Clown

No, assclown Chavez isn't modeling his new asshat...

Venezuela To Host Russia Navy Exercise In Caribbean

The Red menace is ramping up. Ask yourself whether you want a president who will beat them or join them?


nanc said...

beat his sorryarse down!

Rita Loca said...

Don't get me started on Chavez, please!

cube said...

nanc: I agree.

jungle mom: The wannabe fidel makes me angry too.

Anonymous said...


Here we go again! Of course we never really stopped fighting the reds, the terrorists, the criminals and other bad guys.

It's just that a shockingly large and excessively vocal minority insists we fund their desires. That the consequences of their indolence mean we have to become socialist: free stuff for everyone.

In a country like Venezuela where poor people in large numbers were fed up with a lack of opportunity it is a sad but not unlikely outcome to see dictators like Chavez emerge. And impossible to be rid of short of a successful coup de tat.

In the U.S. it is simply shameful that the whiners ( Phil Gramm was right)too lazy or bitter to count their blessings now set their sights on those who "owe" them.

Sounds like extortion but they call it "change!"

As far as Chavez and the Russians, a naval exercise is essential for potemkin purposes. The Russian navy is desperate to redeem itself after the nearly unending string of humiliating disasters at sea or in port. The most notable being the Kursk which they had to salvage by use of Western sub-(pun?) contractors!

The enemy here will use this to accuse the Bush Admin. as failing us when in reality any fleet of our navy compares to both of theirs combined like the Red Sox to a T-ball team.

And unlike the Red Sox our navy never rests.

And on our naval vessels are carried the fiercest, most capable fighting force ever imagined: The U.S. Marine Corps!!!

Hugo is a cartoon and he won't last 50 years like Obobo's hero Fidel.

Semper Fi


Jan said...

Singing Kum Ba Yah with a psychopath does not instill a sense of security in me.

cube said...

QQ: So true. Our own worst enemies are right here complaining about the greatest nation on the planet.


I agree about the russian navy...
it shouldn't be parading itself anywhere.

cube said...

jan: But it's Nobama's specialty.

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