Saturday, September 06, 2008

Republican Recyling

I saw this on Drudge. According to a report from, the DNC trashed 12,000 American flags and they were rescued for use in the Republican convention.

Republican Recycling

Does anyone know if this is true? It's not easy, but I'm going to withhold judgement until I can verify it.


nanc said...

what? were they awaiting the next convention before they remembered, "oh, we forgot the flags!" now, we HAVE to buy some more...

Chuck said...

Love this story, the Dims are saying the GOPers stole them, they were going to come back and get them any day.

Also I like that these people will have a melt down if we use a plastic water bottle but will throw away 12,000 American flags.

The part that is not funny about this though is the utter disdain they show for the flag.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Don't know if it's true, Cube, but it's expected of their caliber (DNC) to throw American flags away.

cube said...

Although I have no trouble believing that the dems are totally capable of this caliber of flag trashing, I'm having a hard time believing how few hard facts are coming out of this story. Who, what, when, & where questions come to mind that I'm not seeing answered. The story is still a nebulous blob.

Did anyone actually see the veterans hand out the flags at the Rep. convention? Surely, FOX would've aired this.

Something smells fishy to me.

nanc said...

i saw people handing out the flags on fox news yesterday as this was unfolding - that's how i knew about the story.

nanc said...

here's one video.

nanc said...

here's the follow-up.

notice in the first video just WHERE the volunteers were picking the flags up FROM.

Anonymous said...

Cube and others,

How dare you question the patriotism of democrats? After what Bush/McCain has done to this count...Blah, Blah, Blah....Just joshing!!!

Because democrats are (98.93978%) scared witless by panic mongers (Their leaders!) or just parasites (your choice!). That is why.

I ridicule their display of patriotism because I see they have none!!!

If your definition of patriotism is subordinating our country to the UN, Uncle Fidel and the EU than you are a traitor. Period. If you throw away the American flag, cynically used as a prop in the case of the democrats, you are unpatriotic. Period.

Busted again you commie wanna be's.

We have to keep these people away from power folks as this episode will be but a quaint memory compared to the damage these swine will do to this nation if Obobo is elected.

Once the enemy has control of the courts our lives as free people will be over: Subjects forever to a leftwing monopoly of thought monolithically rammed into every orifice by a tyrannical "leadership."

Aided and abetted by a corrupt media buttressed by the legalized censorship of any dissent. Censorship affirmed by unelected, unremovable judges appointed and supported by the same communists
and media manipulators who don't want us to know what they did with the flags they so cynically waved in Denver!

As Freud said " sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."



Shover Robot said...

I heard this story too and pretty sure it is true.

Another example of the truth how these Liberals are Anti-Americans!

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