Sunday, September 07, 2008

Palin Crowd

Found this photo of the crowd that greeted John McCain and Sarah Palin in the Arena in Colorado Springs yesterday via

And there were NO free concerts building up the crowd prior to their appearance like someone else we know.


cube said...

I'm not exactly comfortable with Palin's sudden celebrity status, but at least our side doesn't have to jin up rock bands to attract a crowd for our candidate.

I am comfortable with the fact that McCain & Palin have the core values that I would trust infinitely more than those of an America-hating socialist boob.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

The celebrity status wasn't by design on her part. It started with the mainstream media and the paranoid Lib bloggers tried to piss all over her reputation, and it backfired on them! What a great turn of events!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

By the way, your blog is impressive. I have added you to my blogroll.

WomanHonorThyself said...

no free concerts ..ha good one Cube!

Z said...

Mr. Z is from Germany and he got a kick out of the Obama thousands..."any German comes out for ANYTHING if the weather's good, there's some music and something to eat!" And, sure enough, after OUR media went nuts about how the Germans LOVE OBAMA, the articles in Germany started coming out calling him an 'empty suit' and worse! (our media's not amended their comments, OF COURSE)

THIS crowd is WONDERFUL, Cube..thanks! So good to see. No music, no bratwurst....magic!

Anonymous said...

Yes Cube!!

Republicans typically don't have to be exhorted, bribed, deceived or seduced to do the right thing.

Therefore, the appearance of a true phenom in politics does not need an opening act.

The enemy is in disarray!

The enemy has bigger problems than Palin though! Did you see the Obobo campaign chief Axelrod yesterday on FNS?

Holy crap what a mendacious, mincing, weasel! This is what is trying to cement the moronic coalition of nutjobs, parasites traitors, loafs and the vice merchants that need them, with the few remaining democrats that aren't any of the above.

Big problem: while the shocking size of the former is sobering, the amount of the latter is enough to prevent the democrats from winning. And while the republicans are unified beyond any democrat strategist's wildest expectation, a large faction of democrats, far beyond Hillary's demograhic, have no use for the poser Obobo.

Palin puts them that much farther behind.

I'm having a vision: McCain campaign to be accused of racism soon!

The enemy is out of options.

It is a good thing,


nanc said...

bon jovi raises three mil for snowbama:

"About 100 people attended the event Friday at Bon Jovi's mansion in Middletown, NJ, paying about $31,000 each to mingle with the singer and other Democratic supporters, the Post said."

and THAT is how they get away with the huge donations! anybody surprised?

cube said...

pasadena closet conservative: it did backfire on them. Bwa ha ha!

Thank you for your kind words.

Z: thanks for the insight into the German political scene. We'll never hear it from the MSM.

QQ: I hope you're wrong about the racism charge, but I fear you may be right. They'll certainly try to gin one up if they think it will help. They'll do anything to win.

nanc: I'm having lots of fun rubbing my daughter's nose in that bon jovi factoid. She is a fan.

Darrell said...

And there were NO free concerts building up the crowd

Who needs a concert when you've got Sarah Palin?

I understand what you mean about her "celebrity status" and I have shared your concern. I'm really hoping that she doesn't slip up too badly in the next two months. But meanwhile I've decided to just enjoy the ride for as long as she remains consistent. It's nice having a "rockstar" on our side!

cube said...

darrell: A funny thing happened on the way to Nobama's presumptive coronation... Sarah Palin. She's putting some real fear into the Obama bin Biden campaign.

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