Monday, September 08, 2008


MSNBC Shake-up: Olbermann And Matthews No Longer Anchoring

I'm of two minds about this. Sure, both Olbermann & Matthews were wholly unsuited for unbiased reporting of the news, but I'm sure going to miss their loony antics. I would channel surf over to MSNBC just for the comedic hijinks.

BTW if you want comedy, read the comments to this article. Some of them are hilarious.


Brooke said...

Hold on, I'm shedding a tear.

OK, I'm done now.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day it is today.

cube said...

brooke: Some of the comments were classic moonbattery. Defending Olbermann as being unbiased, or that the MSM is controlled by republicans were just 2 recurring themes. Unbelievable.

cube said...

dd2: It's been a great week and a half.