Friday, December 02, 2005

Trekkin' Cat Blog Friday

For this Cat Blog Friday, no other cat would do except Emily, the black and grey tabby who vanished from her Appleton, Wisconsin home in late September, and traveled in a cargo container by ship to Belgium, before ending up in Nancy, France.

Workers at Raflatac, a laminating company in France, used her tags to phone her veterinarian in Wisconsin, and the vet called her owners.

Emily's excellent adventure ended happily with her safe arrival yesterday at General Mitchel International Airport in Milwaukee where she was turned over to her family.

What a cat!


Jessica said...

Do you know how harshly that would suck!
See, you're a cat. You live in Wisconsin. You hate Wisconsin.
You hatch an evil feline plan to escape. You make it ALL the way to friggin France!
Then some damn microchip gets scanned and BLAMMO! Your furry butt is on its way back to Milwaukee.
From fine wines to beer steins...el sucko.

cube said...

What? France (and pretty much all of Europe) is a basketcase! OK, maybe if you're in quarantine like Emily was it would be OK. Remember the riots? They're still going on.
And then there's Pepe LePew. Pepe is a nightmare for a good-looking cat like Emily.

I think Emily is purring like mad to be back home. I'd be purring... if I were a cat.

Jessica said...

What if France was just a step on the way to somewhere else great, like Spain, or Greece.
I'd much rather be in Greece than Wisconsin.
Have you seen the Packers this year?
Wisconsin is an angry state this football season.

cube said...

OK, Spain & Greece are better, but it's not like Emily is sampling the mouse dishes from 5-star restaurants. She's a cat. I think she's happy to be home & away from the foreign kibbles.

I'm a Bucs fan. I want to see the Packers fall flat on their faceplates. I loooove cheese, but I'm no cheesehead!

Jessica said...

Your wish was granted.
So sad.
Did you also curse the Raiders. My husband, a devout Raider fan, STOPPED WATCHING THE GAME it became so painful.
Now, that is just wrong.

cube said...

Wow, I did that just by wishing it? Good enough, next week I want the Panthers to fall flat on their faceplates.

I had nothing to do with the Raiders fiasco.