Friday, September 30, 2005

Anti-Gun Propaganda

Don't you fret. We Floridians won't shoot... unless you deserve it.


Jamie Dawn said...

I'll be sure and wear my bullet proof vest If I come to Florida. Thanks for the warning.

Jen said...

Yikes, add that to the vast population of aging (ie, blind and forgetful) and you have a true recipe for disaster. I'll keep you all in my thoughts...

cube said...

Oh, for Pete's sake... it's not that bad here. The liberals are like Chicken Little screeching about the sky falling. Don't believe them. The vast majority of gun owners are sober, law-abiding folks who just want to protect themselves. Don't fall for the MSM spin.

We do have a large group of snow-caps in Florida...I hope they have good aim.

Jen said...

Should I just go back to worrying about the hurricanes then?


cube said...

Hurricanes bring out the high pucker factor in me, too.

Ogre said...

Why do people in Florida need a sign to tell them to be nice to one another in traffic? And why is it bad for there to be such a sign? Should visitors NOT be nice to other people in Florida?

cube said...

Ogre: I was pointing out how ridiculous this anti-gun propaganda was. This is what you expect from the Brady Campaign to Avoid Gun Violence and I don't agree with what they're saying. Of course we don't need the likes of these hand-wringing anti-gun fools posting signs like this.

cary said...

Perhaps a better sign (therefore, not likely to be used by the Brady Bunch) would be:

Florida has a concealed weapon program. Act accordingly.

I know I would.

cube said...

Good advice. The Brady Bunch is trying desperately to take away the right to bear arms in Florida & everywhere else. They wouldn't go for it.

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