Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Perfect Martini

Gin. A whisper of vermouth. Two olives... Hey, what's that teeny weeny kid doing in my olives?


tlm said...

That is the poster child for the hazards of gin drinking.

Jessica said...

This is why I can't stand Anne Geddes. Too creepy.

cube said...

I agree about Geddes. Some of her photos make me uncomfortable too.

This photo is actually a little boy asleep in a cart full of grapefruit. They just looked like olives to me.

Jessica said...

Po-Tay-To, po-tah-to - it's still freaking me out.
and Anne Geddes is still the creepiest photog this side of hell.

cube said...

Hey, speaking of po-tay-tos, I hear potato vodka is very good.

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