Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Tale Of Two Cities

[Note: photo via Lucianne]


Aixea said...

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Silver Fox said...

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cube said...

aixea: stopped by your site but couldn't log in. Did like your un-pc jokes.

Cathie said...

too bad FEMA wouldn't let NO use those buses because they weren't air conditioned.

cube said...

daedalus: don't blame FEMA. It was President Bush who single-handedly & through sheer power of will, steered Katrina to NO, & then burst the levees with his laser beam sight.

tlm said...

Actually it was the Yakuza (a.k.a. the Japanese Mafia) that created and steered Katrina to N.O.

Look it up on Google... Some very, uh, interesting conspiracy theories there! (Rumor has it, the local mafia in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is secretly behind this Rita thing.)

cube said...

There are many crazy conspiracies out there. It's comical to me, but unfortunately, there are sorry-ass idiots out there that believe them.

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