Friday, September 16, 2005

Cat Blog Friday

This is my cat Kinky doing an impression of a hurricane symbol.

Yes, living in Florida does strange things to pets...

[Photo credit: Hat tip to Jennifer]


Faira said...

You visited my site
and left a comment about my cat, "Braille". In answer to your question, "was he born blind?" I do not know. Someone just threw him away. When I found him he was terrified and starved (for food and for love)I did not know if he would physically make it. I had already taken in 2 other throw away cats, Mykia, at 5 weeks and Akasha, a very (mind damaged, from abuse)1 year old female cat.

So what is one more, right? If you go to the right hand side of my Blog site, there is a list of previous weeks, that tells much of my cats stories, click on any of them.

The reason for the bells is to protect the birds that I feed in my garden. As for Braillle he sports his bell with a little spring in his step, he acually likes it. He is my Happy cat!

Thank you for sharing your comments and your Blogg with me. I have Blog marked your site and will be back. I have met many nice people ... like you ... while Blogging! Faira

Faira said...

Is Kinky a Calico? I have never seen blue eyes like that on a Calico! Kinky, looks like a real character, though!!! Faira

cube said...

Thank you for replying about Braille. I felt sorry for him until I realized what a good home he has.

Kinky, named for the huge kink in her tail, is a tortoiseshell, or tortie for short. Her eyes are yellow-green; the blue color is an artifact of the camera.

She is one of the sweetest cats I've ever had. Upon greeting me every morning, she reaches up with her paws to be picked up. Not typical cat behavior. All cats have their quirks, but Kinky is a character!

Thanks for your kind comments.

tlm said...

Am I the only one that notices Kinky does a great impression of a bird as well? (Take a closer look at Kinky's left eye and ear... Very interesting.)

cube said...

I've looked at that photo many times & never saw the bird effect. Fascinating.

MCF said...

How do you get your pets to DO these things?

cube said...

It's a gift...

Jillian said...


This had me laughing out loud. Thanks! :)

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