Monday, September 12, 2005

Truth Springs Eternal

In the same way you can't keep the human spirit down (evidenced here by NOLA citizen, Alex Perez, carrying his cats to safety in Tupperware), the truth will out, come hell or high water.
The truth about Hurricane Katrina's aftermath is percolating through the toxic ooze of liberal reporting and slowly coming into the light of day. From the American Spectator comes More on Katrina from the perceptive Ben Stein, in which he makes a case that the MSM used the storm and its attendant sorrows to continue their endless Bush-bashing.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette comes No shame from Jack Kelly, which challenges the liberal left's contention that the federal response was unconscionably slow. To quote Mr. Kelly, "Journalists who are long on opinion and short on knowledge have no idea what is involved in moving hundreds of tons of relief supplies into an area the size of England..."

These are just two short articles and are both well worth the read.

There is no stopping the truth about Hurricane Katrina.

Thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

The complete and utter disregard for the truth in the MSM today is just astounding. As I had posted previously on my site, Peter Jennings is rolling over in his grave.

cube said...

The only reason Jennings would be rolling over in his grave is because he can't participate in the pile-on on President Bush. He would've used his sonorous voice & resolute demeanor to make political hay out of this disaster like the other media jackels have done.

Sarah said...

That's funny, because I just read Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point, and it seems Jennings probably leaned to the right and was a big Reagan fan. You conservatives have gotten a lot of mileage about that "liberal press" crap, though, so if you'd rather invent things about the dead to keep it going, then that's cool too. Too bad I disagree with your political views so strongly- I like to support fellow Trekkies.

tlm said...

I love how people, especially Liberal nightly-newswhores, often lean to the right.

I suspect he once leaned over in that direction and didn't like what he saw.

Jessica said...

I am less interested in debating the politics of the situation and more interested in the validity of that kitty tupperware photo...
Where did you find that? It's priceless!

cube said...

jessey: I found the kitty tupperware photo through the AP/Reuters Photo Wire.

cube said...

sarah: thanks for your non-support!
There is sooooo much negativity in your comment & so little room in which to reply. Where do I start?

I haven't read Tipping Point so I can't comment about that. I will direct you to & an article written by Debbie Schlussel entitled, "Peter Jennings' Unfortunate Legacy" which sums up my view of the man.

BTW Reagan was a great man & had many fans. So what?

I watched Jennings for many years, including his coverage of the 1972 Olympics in Munich & no amount of revisionism (now that he's dead) will change what I saw, year after year, with my own eyes.

I'm glad that you approve of the right to free speech, even for us conservatives. Thanks for commenting.

Annie said...

Well, we certainly did a better job with Andrew. I can't help feeling that things have changed for the worse in the last 13 years.

cube said...

Annie: I don't remember the Andrew response being as swift as Katrina's, even though Katrina destroyed 90,000 square miles, much worse damage than Andrew.

BTW welcome back.

Sarah said...

Cube: I'm willing to apologize if you found my comment rude, however I think it's a little lame that you're on my case about my negativity but failed to become equally upset with tLM's not-so-positive comment about "Liberal nightly-newswhores." If you want to keep it friendly in your blog's comments I absolutely respect that, but in that case you need to hold your proponents to a high standard as well. Just because people agree with you and don't offend *you*, that doesn't make their rudeness ok and mine wrong.

cube said...

This is my blog. I can pick whom I argue with & whom I agree with. OK?

I can take it when people disagree with me. No apology is required.

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