Friday, September 30, 2005

Florida Cat Blog Friday

A word to the wise..

don't piss off a Florida cat.


Janette said...

Love the graphic!

Is it wrong of me to really enjoy this bruhaha? As another Floridian I have to say I think it's hysterical that visitors are now being warned to be on their best behavior while here. It's sad that it's the threat of the natives carrying guns is what it takes for people to be reminded to be POLITE. ;)

cube said...

I think the anti-gun nuts and their scare tactics are funny, too. They shouldn't be taken seriously.

And unfortunately, politeness is a rare commodity everywhere, not just in Florida.

Jamie Dawn said...

Kitty seems upset!
Very funny!

cube said...

I know. Can you imagine telling this kitty he was bad when he ripped your couch to shreds? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

haha...that's funny.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Dog!?!?! Can I use that?!

cube said...

Sure. Help yourself.

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