Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Aurora Alert!

A coronal mass ejection (CME) is racing toward Earth and it could spark a severe geomagnetic storm when it arrives--perhaps tonight (Sept. 14th and 15th). People everywhere should be alert for auroras.

The CME, pictured left, was hurled into space on Sept. 13th by an X1-class explosion at sunspot 798. This remarkable 'spot has produced nine X-flares since Sept. 7th including a record-setting X17-monster. All by itself, sunspot 798 has made Sept. 2005 the most active month on the sun since March 1991.

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No, The BLOG will not blame the coronal mass ejection on President Bush.


tlm said...

So, is this solar flare stuff supposed to end soon? It's been wreaking havoc with my XM radio connection for several weeks now. (Stop it, Sun! I'm sick of your crap.)

Dr. Fil said...

Hey, I have answered your question about the meaning of life and posted it on my blog. I have also sent you an email containing information about your free Dr. Fil button pin.

Dr. Fil

cube said...

tlm: I don't know about the solar flares. I guess they'll find out when they send the probe to the sun in October. It will land at night.

cube said...

dr. fil: my question was a feeble attempt at straight-faced satire. The voices in my head tell me that I'm mentally very stable.